Being a memeber at playstores has loads of advantages
Being a member at RentGames has loads of advantages



Rent games is India’s destination for  video games. is the fun, fast, easy way to get the latest new release Ps3 games. Featuring up to 200 titles and 630 discs.

Select your plan. Call us on 9980144112 or 8884441666 or simply mail us at send us your requirements, we will give you a plan, guaranteed to blow ur mind, and get you smiling.

Select the games you wish to play, we will send you one game at a time, play as long as you want, once done ship it for free and we will send you the next game.

NO DUE DATES… NO LATE FEES.. With Gaming just got better puts video games where they belong – in the hands of the gamers who love them also buys your preowned games and helps you exchange them with new and prerowned games. is the only store that will buy games for cash every single time you contact them at very attractive prices. gives you free delivery within 24 hours of order, Thats challenging!!!  ” WE MAKE IT HAPPEN”

Why Become a Member???

# Buy  at 5 % extra discount on the games , controllers & Consoles

# Rent any game of your choice one game at a time, play as long as you want to and once done we will send you another game of your choice.

# Get a chance to win a free game every month

# Get 10% off on our cool merchandises.

# Buy 2 pre owned and get one free anytime of the year.

#unlimited games or the selected period

Membership plan


playstaion 3 games on rent
playstaion 3 games on rent

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