Playstation 3 PS3 Consoles on Rent in Bangalore

Console Gaming is an emerging Market in Bangalore, suddenly there has been a spike in gaming parlors. The Rise in gaming parlor could be due to fall in the demand of internet cafe, most internet cafe owners now switch to gaming parlors.

Bangalore the garden city, the hub of IT is a host to several gaming events most of which organised by Rentgames slowly they are promoting a lot to the gaming culture.

They have recently introduced PS3 Playstation 3 rental plans where they give out consoles on Monthly, weekly and daily basis. The Monthly plan costing Rs 2500/- Includes 10 Games 2 controllers. Free Delivery, Installation and Pick up.

Free delivery

The Best feature of them is that they deliver within 4 hours. Sometimes even late night they provide service. If you want to surprise your kid, brother , friend on his birthday, Rentgames is the option. You can call 8884441666 to order. They work all days in a week and their charges are the same. They are going to be awarded as the best gaming startup for 2016 in the Gaming sector. They are looking for passionate gamers to join their team.

Playstation is now affordable. They have over 300 titles to choose from. They also have other console like XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS4 , PS Vita etc. Check their collection of PS4 and XBOX one Games. They add titles and make it avaialble at the same date of release.

The recent feature of them is to upgrade consoles. Thats really simple . Fill the form here.



PS4 Upcoming Games 2016 February and March just completed a survey which was completed by 100 PS4 Gamers where they mentioned the list of Most Anticipated Games for the year 2016.

UNCHARTED 4 :       27  April 2016       PRICE: 4000/-

ps4 uncharted.png


Tom Clancy’s: The Division   March 8 2016     Price: 3499/-


ps4 game

Far Cry Primal Rs 3500/- February 23, 2016


                            HITMAN   March 11, 2016



          STREET FIGHTER    RS 4000    February 16, 2016



The list are of the games releasing in the month February and March. Over 100 titles are getting released for PS4 with the average price of 3499/-. If you wish to play All you spend Rs 3,49,900. Or Simply log on to and Play them for free.

Now Thats a Lot of Money for the games you Love. Be a Member now and get these games for free. Call or Watsapp at 8884441666. All over India.





Technology continues to change, but consumers remain the same: They want to try before they buy. Although many of the media rental companies are out of business, including Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, gamers can still rent games online and have the discs shipped to their homes. One day, consoles will remove the optical drive and all games will need to be downloaded or streamed, but for now, the primary media format for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is discs. Online video game rental services let you order games online so you can try them before you buy.

Online game rental is a great way to get the most out of your gaming hobby without spending hundreds of dollars each month. Every week, new video games hit the shelves, and unless you’re in the highest tax bracket, you can’t afford to buy them all, even if you plan on trading them in when you’re finished. Fortunately, online video game rental services allow you to play as many games as you want for as long as you want for a low monthly fee. The best services offer thousands of games to choose from across all platforms, and with multiple membership plans, you can have one or more game at a time.

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